Your book has been published in English. You are delighted! But... would you like to increase your readership and try to break into a market with millions of potential additional readers? One solution would be to translate your book from English into French... and that is what we’re offering you!

We can offer to translate your book for only $ 5.00 USD per page. The calculation is very easy. If the length of your published book is 150 pages (in total), it will cost you $ 750 USD for the translation (or approx $ 940 CAD or 670 EUR). If your book has 500 pages, it will cost $ 2,500 USD (or approx $ 3125 CAD or 2230 EUR).

The work is carried out by a professional translator

On receipt of the full payment, the translation of your book will be completed as soon as possible (usually one to two months). Without any obligation on your part, you will be able to send the English version of your manuscript to the French branch of Editions Dedicaces (

This way you can increase your potential readership and join the French speaking public living in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and all the other countries that use French as a first or second language.

All books published by Editions Dedicaces are distributed by Ingram the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content.

Get in touch now if you would like your book to be translated into French!

We offer the best rates on the market!